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Legal Documents

Immediately following an instruction to sell a client’s property, we recommend that you liaise directly with your client’s conveyancer in order to enable fast collation of all documentation for the property. All necessary documentation will appear on the property “Legal Documents” section.

If you do not wish someone to view the documentation online without permission, there is a setting to lock the documentation behind a request.

Figure: Showing Legal Documents for a property.

The Legal Suite

Completion of the legal package will enable you to accept binding offers through clicktopurchase®. We provide default documents which form the base contract suite:

  • The clicktopurchase® Rules for South Africa

  • The General Conditions of Sale

In order to complete the contract suite, you should complete the Particulars of Sale and add to the legal data room.

For ease, we also provide in the default documents area, the following:

  • An example (pro-forma) Agreement of Sale

  • An example Power of Attorney

  • The FICA Checklist

clicktopurchase® is not responsible for the completion of the legal suite.

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