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Our newest partner CBRE Excellerate, takes the platform to the South African market.

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We are at the forefront of the adoption and custom development of technology within the real estate business.

The SV International Marketing Platform

SV International operates a sales-focused investment agency network, recognised as an early and leading adopter of modern technology for marketing. We offer the following marketing services:

clicktopurchase Execution Platform

Our unique transactional platform for legally executing property sales online.

Using blockchain, digital certificates and immutable audit trails.

SV International Network

The SV International Network provides agents with access to our leading property marketing, established skills and technologies, thereby providing the best service to sellers and buyers of investment properties.

Proven Track-Record

Our track record of marketing investment property online dates back to 2006, whilst our clicktopurchase® online legal execution has been established since 2009. There is no other business with a track record to rival.


Since its launch, our property marketing platform has gained recognition, from buyers and sellers alike, as industry leaders in delivering a superior property marketing service for the disposal of real estate investments.


By creating and utilising our clicktopurchase® platform, we have experienced the speed, ease, transparency and accountability the platform has brought to the property transaction process using encryption, blockchain and online digital audit trails.

Digital Certificates

We use digital certificates from a trusted root provider to generate unique online signatures when executing digital contracts, providing a high level of security and accountability.

Data Collection

Data is a valuable commodity. We have been collecting marketing and sales data since 2006.


We operate the SV Network internationally. Find your next property either in England and Wales, Scotland, Ireland or South Africa from our network partners.


Our market-leading approach is proven to deliver a high level of engagement with real estate investors and maximise the sale price.

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