The SV International Network Partners

We are a tech-enabled network of agency and related businesses within the property sector. Proprietary technology and an international reach enhances our partners' influence, performance and efficiency within their area of expertise. Meet our partners.

Singer Vielle

Singer Vielle is recognised as having been at the forefront of innovation within the property agency sector for many years, being a London-based investment agency which pioneered a modern approach to property marketing, online legal execution and secure audit trails. Being part of the SV International Network enables the agency to reach a global audience which continues to expand.

CBRE Excellerate

Through CBRE-X Online, CBRE Excellerate has introduced a distinctive and pioneering methodology in the realm of property services across the African continent. With a focus on innovation and customer-centric solutions, CBRE-X Online redefines the landscape of property disposals, going beyond conventional norms, harnessing technology and strategic insights to deliver unparalleled value to clients. By seamlessly integrating digital advancement with extensive market expertise, the agency sets a new benchmark in the industry, ensuring clients receive nothing short of excellence.

Barwood Capital

Barwood Capital is a UK based real estate investment and development specialist. Their purpose is to innovate and unlock value, generating strong and sustainable growth by investing in a diverse range of commercial, residential and alternative investment opportunities in the UK. Barwood investment products are only suitable for Professional Investors, or Retail Investors who qualify as one of the following: Elective Professional Investors, Certified High Net Worth Investors, Certified Sophisticated Investors or Self-Certified Sophisticated Investors. Investors should be aware that their capital is at risk and they may therefore lose some or all of the amount. Barwood Capital is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (ref no. 517641). This does not constitute investment advice.

Stokes Property

Stokes Property is a boutique firm of Chartered Surveyors based in Dublin, Ireland. The business specialises in offering a bespoke, personalised service to meet the specific needs of individual clients' requirements. Ensuring that both potential investors and advisors can readily comprehend the opportunities presented, enables swift and well-informed investment decisions. Stokes has been a member of the SV International Network since 2020.

Johnston Waddell

In 2013 Johnston Waddell, a Scottish property investment agency, became part of the SV International Network, providing access to an international audience of investors. Being part of the Network has allowed the agency to grow and develop their sales offering within Scotland and around the world.

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