Methods of Sale

How We Sell Property with clicktopurchase®

Flexibility in the Sales Process

Our network is able to offer the flexibility to conclude a sale by private treaty or best offers at any point during the sales process. 


Buyers can participate from anywhere in the world, safe in the  knowledge that their offer, be it private treaty or best offers is safe and secure, accountable and fair.

Selling with clicktopurchase® Private Treaty

A clicktopurchase® offer is a legally binding commitment by a purchaser which, if accepted, results in an instant online exchange of contracts.

After a purchaser is verified, they can make an offer that can be accepted instantly. Private Treaty is the standard method of sale within the clicktopurchase system.

KYC and Anti-money laundering checks are done as standard.

Contract amendments, if required, will be fast and easy by either amendments to the General Conditions of Sale and Particulars of Sale, or by way of an Addendum.

Selling with clicktopurchase® Best Offers

If selected, a sale can be concluded by an online binding “Best Offers”/ “Expressions of Interest”.

When a property is placed on the market, you can select to offer it via our Best Offers / Expressions of Interest sales method at any time. This has an expiration date for accepting offers and the highest offer wins. All offers are included in our Audit Trail for full transparency.

KYC and Anti-money laundering checks are done as standard. The offer is accepted on the instructions by our seller.

You will need to submit your clicktopurchase® offer by the published time and date. Offers will not be capable of submission beyond the deadline.

What Happens When an Offer is Accepted?

When a clicktopurchase® offer is accepted by the selling agent,

First-ever property deal digitally exchanged in blockchain for clicktopurchase® was made in 2017.

Use our technology today.