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SV International today is unrecognizable from our “traditional” agency roots. As we have embraced technology, so our knowledge and understanding have grown to a level that places us in a unique position. I remember the days when I was wary of computers; in total contrast, today I could not be more involved with technology in the property industry. Not only have we built our own platforms and proven their effectiveness, but I find myself appointed by the Government to the Industry Working Group on Electronic Execution of Documents.

Come join our journey, it’s an exciting one!

Neil Singer

CEO, Founding Partner

“We are leading the change”

Our Journey


The first investment property marketed with an online presentation was a Porsche car showroom investment in Silverstone, home of British motor sport, on behalf of LaSalle Investment Management. This revolutionary approach provided video and extensive photography of the property to maximise engagement with the market.


clicktopurchase® was developed and launched in 2009 providing a unique platform for the online legal purchase of a property in the UK. The technology was developed to provide speed, certainty, accountability, and transparency.


In November 2009, a restaurant investment in Faversham, England became the first property to be purchased online, marketed by Singer Vielle and executed using clicktopurchase®.


In 2017 the clicktopurchase® platform commenced offering Blockchain technology as part of the sales process.  The first property to be marketed by Singer Vielle and legally executed online, utilising the benefits of Blockchain technology, was a commercial investment property in Trowbridge, England.


In 2023 the next iteration of the SV International marketing platform was launched, first used by Singer Vielle in London ahead of rolling out to the network partners.

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