July 11, 2023

Are we at the turning point…

…where tech adoption will see the industry through the current downturn in a way we have not seen previously?

For many years, I have been promoting a tech-enabled approach to both marketing and legal execution. Our journey started following the financial crash of 2008/2009 where we recognised the growing approach of private and overseas investors purchasing UK property purely in cash. This led us to build the clicktopurchase online execution platform to deliver speed of transaction, certainty and transparency. Transparency was greatly enhanced in 2017 when we added blockchain to secure our audit trails of marketing and execution at a world-leading level.

It is clear today, as markets re-price, and buyers seek to take advantage, that the ability to sell speedily and remove uncertainty are key for vendors. The director of a new bank client last week confirmed their positive experience of speed of execution and the security provided by the electronic audit trail.

99% of sale transactions at Singer Vielle in London are exchanged by clicktopurchase, digitally executed online, anchored in blockchain. See some recent examples https://singervielle.international/recent-sales/

There is no market where is has been more obvious that technology in the transaction process will benefit all in the property industry.

If you an agent in the UK or abroad who would like to gain immediately use of proprietary marketing & execution platforms, please contact me now to discuss.

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July 2023