June 15, 2023

Singer Vielle and clicktopurchase Nominated for Sales and Marketing Startup Award at 2023 Australian PropTech Awards

Recognizing innovative real estate technology solutions that revolutionize property transactions.

Singer Vielle and clicktopurchase have been nominated for the Sales and Marketing Startup award at the highly acclaimed 2023 PropTech Awards. This nomination celebrates our innovative approach to sales and marketing in the real estate industry, solidifying our position as industry leaders in prop-tech solutions.

Singer Vielle and clicktopurchase have been at the forefront of transforming the way properties are transacted, offering a seamless and secure platform for buyers and sellers alike. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our groundbreaking solution has revolutionized the industry, simplifying and streamlining the real estate process.

The PropTech Awards, organized by the PropTech Association Australia, aim to honour the most forward-thinking startups and technologies that drive innovation in the real estate sector. The Sales and Marketing Startup award category recognizes companies that have demonstrated excellence in leveraging technology to transform sales and marketing strategies.

The nomination itself is a remarkable achievement, placing Singer Vielle and clicktopurchase among a select group of exceptional startups driving innovation in the prop-tech industry.

We are grateful to the PropTech Association Australia for recognizing our efforts and supporting the growth of prop-tech,”said Neil Singer of Singer Vielle and clicktopurchase. “This nomination further motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of real estate technology and delivering solutions that empower our clients.”

As the real estate industry continues to evolve in the digital age, Singer Vielle and clicktopurchase remain committed to driving positive change through our innovative prop-tech solutions. The nomination for the Sales and Marketing Startup award reinforces our dedication to reshaping the future of real estate with technology.

Stay tuned for more updates as Singer Vielle and clicktopurchase continue to disrupt the industry with our game-changing prop-tech solutions. The PropTech Awards ceremony promises to be a celebration of innovation and excellence, showcasing the best and brightest in the field.