How We Sell

A unique and market-leading approach to deliver the best in class promotion of properties, reach, online execution and audit trails.

Since its launch, the SV International property marketing platform has gained recognition, from buyers and sellers alike, as industry leaders in delivering a superior property marketing service for the disposal of real estate investments.

Our unique and modern approach, available to all members of our network, delivers significant and proven advantages over the traditional methods.

Our Unrivalled Quality of Presentations

Enable a purchaser to make an informed investment decision quickly and easily.

Our marketing websites are fully mobile responsive, enabling property investors to engage when on the move.

Our World Reach

Our marketing campaigns are read and viewed internationally.

Our high-quality marketing database continues to expand as viewers register continually, internationally. Collaboration between network offices offers an enhanced marketing reach.

Speed to Market

In-house creating of presentations enables fast and efficient marketing launches.

Our Modern Marketing Approach

We embrace the power of social media to assist in expanding our marketing reach.

Our success is demonstrated by the number of video views  having passed 400,000.

On Screen Engagement

Enhances data collection and engagement with investors.

Pop Up Notifications

Live Chat Interactions

Client Dashboard

When we are selling your property, you will have access to real time activity reports so you can see exactly the interest generated from our marketing.

This is available at a click so when selling you have exact knowledge of the market reaction to your property.

We have created the clicktopurchase® unique digital property execution platform which enables property, for the first time, to be legally purchased online.

Proven to achieve:





clicktopurchase® Blockchain

We uniquely offer the ultimate in trust to buyers and sellers.


clicktopurchase® Blockchain provides an immutable and totally transparent audit trail in relation to the process of marketing and selling real estate.


We were world-first in adopting Blockchain technology as part of the sales process, commencing operations in 2017.

We provide you with a level of corporate governance and trust unavailable elsewhere.

Track Record

A long and impressive track record validates our approach.

For unrivalled property marketing, contact us now.