Complete Audit Trail

From the point we commence marketing a property, clients have access to an audit trail of marketing, interactions, offers and conclusion of sales.

The level of corporate governance and trust provided, both for purchasers and sellers, is unavailable elsewhere.

Seller Process

The actions of the agent are fully recorded from purchaser registration, multi-factor authentication to receiving and accepting of offers. The seller is provided with a full audit trail of the actions of the purchaser and of the agent, together making a fully transparent and accountable system. The audit trail is stored in an immutable blockchain.

Purchaser Process

When you purchase your property, the complete actions of the bidder is available to you in our audit trail. You can view the audit trail from registration, sign in, multi-factor authentication, verification, identity, anti money laundering, including the documents in the data room to the offer made and subsequent actions including the acceptance of the offer.

The clicktopurchase® execution platform provides detailed audit trails of all interactions by agents and purchasers when seeking to acquire a property online.



clicktopurchase® uses hash and encryption technology as part of the creation of the transactional audit trail; this is then recorded in the clicktopurchase® Blockckhain. 


Since all everts are held in Blockchain, absolute proof of actions are held in a tamper-proof manner.


Ultimate in Trust – Thanks to Blockchain at clicktopurchase®, no one can ever challenge the audit trail, be it a Bidder’s application for verification, the level and conditions of an offer and the terms of an executed contract.  All actions are recorded.

Marketing Activity

SV International maintains statistics and a list of activities associated with the marketing of your property. We provide a “client dashboard” which is designed for you to easily track the progress of a sale. Everything from emails sent to page views of the marketing website is available to you.

Marketing events are anchored in the blockchain.

Trusted by

The level of corporate governance and trust provided, both for buyers and sellers, is unavailable elsewhere.