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A Unique Business Collaboration Opportunity

Dear Sheila  

It is good to connect with you and your colleagues within the capital markets and investment team at CBRE in the Philippines.  

Our approach follows the successful launch of a working relationship with CBRE Excellerate in South Africa which launched in May.    

We are recognised as operating a tech-enabled agency in the UK which has commenced expanding with partners to provide a unique and market-leading approach, proven to win business.  We would like to explore the opportunity with you and potentially meet later in the year when we expect to be in Asia meeting potential partners.  

We look forward to discussing with you.  

Neil Singer

CEO, Founding Partner

Why We Have Made Contact

The succesful launch of our partnership in South Africa with CBRE-X.Online is demonstrating to potential partners the advantages of collaboration within the network. 

CBRE-X.Online is not just a tool; it’s a game changer.  By integrating the clicktopurchase® technology, we are not only accelerating property sales but also introducing an unmatched level of corporate governance, transparency and trust.” Craig Hean, Managing Director, Advisory & Transaction Services CBRE Excellerate. 

Are you interested in a similar collaboration which is proven to win business?

A Total Solution

No other agency network has these proven features, delivering a total solution.

Our Unique Offer to the Network

A unique, superior, progressive, and proven tech-approach which wins business

As our international network grows, the strength of the network partners’ combined market reach grows.

We invite you to come on our journey.

How We Sell

A unique and market-leading approach to deliver the best in class promotion of properties, reach, online execution and audit trails.

World-first in many areas!

Legally purchase and sell property online with

A unique transactional platform where purchasers, owners and agents conclude the property sale process fully online.

Please note: variations may occur depending upon territory

Digital Property Execution - world first with a proven and extensive track record

A Faster more Accountable and Transparent Process of Selling Property





We uniquely offer an immutable and totally transparent audit trail in relation to the process of buying and selling real estate

The Client Dashboard

Real Time Activity Reports

When we are selling property, clients have access to real time activity reports to see exactly the interest generated from our marketing. Selling clients no longer need to ask for an update. This is available at a click so when selling vendors have exact knowledge of the market reaction to their property.

Analytics for Your Client's Property's Website

Statistics on Emails

Distributed, Opened and Clicked

Schedule of Interest

Viewed in Real Time

See All Transactional Activity in the clicktopurchase® platform

The combination of technology and a collaborative reach makes a compelling case for agencies seeking to stand above their competition in local markets.   

In conclusion, whether you wish to embrace all we offer, or at the most basic level wish to have direct access to our expanding network of international purchasers, I am interested to explore further with you and your team to our mutual benefit.    

I look forward to hearing from you and your team in the Phillipines.


Neil Singer