June 13, 2023

Jackson’s Corner, Reading

On behalf of Administrators, Singer Vielle were instructed in 2023 to marketing a complicated property in Reading town centre.


The property suffered from many issues, including failure to meet planning obligations, fire protection matters and vacancies.


The property was offered with Clicktopurchase® functionality in order to enable interested parties to submit legal offers to treat online and, thereby, provide the selling bank with speed and certainty during the sale process. 

Extensive information was provided in the data room to ensure full disclosure.


Significant interest was generated.  It was decided just two weeks into marketing to conclude the sale by a Clicktopurchase® “Best Offers”.


Sykes Capital, the successful purchaser, submitted their Clicktopurchase® by the deadline, the offer was accepted and a legally-binding, digitally-signed contract was auto-generated by the platform.


“In our experience clicktopurchase has been easy to navigate and seamless throughout. As seasoned investors, the unique process of submitting legally binding best bids by a deadline date suits our ‘no nonsense’ style of acquiring well and we would be very willing to use the platform going forward.” Charlie Sykes, Director of Sykes Capital


The enhanced level of information provided helped the buyer’s speedy review of the asset, whilst our proprietary technology enabled Sykes Capital to move to a fast legal contract exchange online and prove their intent.


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A speed and certainty of transaction impossible to replicate by “traditional” methods of marketing and execution.   A highly complicated property with many issues