Journey of a Sale Instruction - Birmingham

15th June 2022

Sale instruction received to dispose of 137-141 High Street, Harborne, Birmingham

20th June 2022

High-quality standard marketing preparation prepared – aerial photography, video and extensive ground photography.

11th July 2022

clicktopurchase® instance created, including complete legal package prepared for sales launch.

19th July 2022

Listed on sales platform

19th July 2022

Marketing email sent to registered international database.

20th July 2022

Interested party cleared the verification process (money laundering and financial clearance) and submitted legal offer through the clicktopurchase® platform of £700,000, further increasing to £710,000.

21st July 2022

Another verified purchaser submitted offer at £800,000.

22nd July 2022

Offer accepted, online legal contract formed

22nd July 2022

Electronic audit trail of transaction recorded in immutable Blockchain ledger.


Sale concluded just four days from marketing launch.