Journey of a Sale Instruction – Manchester

10th October 2022

Sale instruction received to dispose of 157 Great Ancoats Street, Manchester

24th Nov 2022

Completion of high-quality and detailed marketing presentationClicktopurchase® instance created, including complete legal package.  First offered to market at £1.25m

24th Nov 2022

Listed on sales platform.

24th Nov 2022

First marketing email sent to registered international database.

December 2022

Marketing put on hold as the selling bank assessed viability of undertaking improvement works to enhance exit price, rather than selling around £750,000 this being the value having been established by the sales campaign.

23rd May 2023

Seller approval to accept a clicktopurchase® online offer to treat if submitted at £750,000. Information conveyed to various interested parties who reviewed legal package and cleared verification ahead of submitting offers in the region of £700,000 to £750,000.

30th May 2023

Interested party inspected and expressed interest to acquire instantly.

31st May 2023

Interested party cleared verification and submitted online clicktopurchase® legal offer at £900,000.

31st May 2023

clicktopurchase® offer acceptedOnline legal contract formed.

31st May 2023

Electronic audit trail of transaction recorded in immutable Blockchain ledger.


A difficult asset but the extensive marketing established the market valueHowever, depth of marketing identified a special purchaser who submitted an aggressive legal offer online just one day after inspectingInstance acceptance of the offer demonstrated the certainty of sale by our approach.