Journey of a Sale Instruction – Reading

17th March 2023

Sale instruction received to dispose of Jackson’s Corner, Reading

23rd April 2023

 Completion of high-quality and detailed marketing presentationComplicated property with many issues, explained at length within the presentation.   

23rd April 2023

Clicktopurchase® instance created, including complete legal package.

24th April 2023

Listed on sales platform.

24th April 2023

First marketing email sent to registered international database.

6th May 2023

First “traditional” offer received from an interested party.

10th May 2023

Announcement that the sale process to be concluded by a binding clicktopurchase® tender.

15th May 2023

First Interested party cleared the verification process (money laundering and financial clearance).

22nd May 2023

Binding clicktopurchase® “Best Offers” deadlineOffers submitted online (legal offer to treat through clicktopurchase®) and “traditionally” (offer to exchange at a later date).

26th May 2023

Vendor accepted clicktopurchase® offerOnline legal contract formed.

26th May 2023

Electronic audit trail of transaction recorded in immutable Blockchain ledger.


A highly complicated asset, typical of the type of transaction where a selected buyer would present excuses to reduce an agreed priceThe sale process concluded the exchange of a legal contract some 4 weeks from marketing, with a fully accountable sales process.