Our Unique Offer to Members of the Network

A unique and modern approach which will win you business by providing a superior, progressive and proven tech-approach.

Collaboration between network offices, offering an enhanced marketing reach for your clients

A Faster more Accountable and Transparent Process of Selling Property

A Faster, More Accountable and Transparent Process of Selling Property.





The Methods of Sale

Properties are sold by the following methods of sale:


Private Treaty

A clicktopurchase® offer is a legally binding commitment by a purchaser which, if accepted, results in an instant online exchange of contracts.


Binding "Best Offers" / "Tender"

If selected, a sale can be concluded by an online binding “Best Offers” / “Tender”

Uniquely offer the ultimate in trust with our Blockchain​

You will be able to use the clicktopurchase® Blockchain and provide an immutable and totally transparent audit trail in relation to the process of marketing, buying and selling real estate.

You will join the only blockchain ledger in property which has been operating since 2017.

Knowledge, know-how, support and technology

From a team of property professionals who have embraced and developed proprietary tech platforms.