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Our Unique Offer

A unique, superior, progressive, and proven tech-approach.

Our International Network Offers an Unrivalled and Enhanced Marketing Reach.

How We Sell

A unique and market-leading approach to deliver the best in class promotion of properties, reach, online execution and audit trails.

The Client Dashboard

Real Time Activity Reports

When we are selling your property, you will have access to real time activity reports so you can see exactly the interest generated from our marketing. Selling clients no longer need to ask for an update. This is available at a click so when selling you have exact knowledge of the market reaction to your property.

Analytics for Your Property's Website

Statistics on Emails

Distributed, Opened and Clicked

Schedule of Interest

Viewed in Real Time

See All Transactional Activity In Your clicktopurchase® Account

Digital Property Execution

A Faster more Accountable and Transparent Process of Selling Property.





We uniquely offer an immutable and totally transparent audit trail in relation to the process of buying and selling real estate.

Case Studies

PSL Group, Quayside Industrial Estate, Maldon, Essex CM9 5FA

Singer Vielle was instructed to sell this freehold industrial investment in Maldon, Essex at £3 million. Within ten working days from launch, the property was legally acquired online substantially in excess of the asking price.

The quality of our market leading online presentations, including video, ground and aerial photography, plus our recognised depth of marketing, enabled a high level of interest to be generated quickly.

Even though none of the interested investors were provided with an exclusive position, one particular party speculated reviewing the legal package and clearing the verification process in order to place themselves in a strong position. Just ten working days into marketing, this party submitted an online clicktopurchase® offer to treat at an aggressive level…

Pizza Express Leisure Investment, 67-71 Goldsworth Road, Woking

Singer Vielle were instructed to offer this infamous freehold investment in Woking in the summer of 2019. During the marketing campaign, 12,675 marketing emails highlighting the opportunity were opened, with 1,771 clicks to the marketing website. In addition, the presentation was viewed by 2,355 parties in reflection of our high online presence.


Having identified a purchaser, the party was provided with five days in which to purchase online by clicktopurchase®. The successful purchaser submitted the online legal offer to treat on 13th June 2019 at the asking price of £1.25m, a princely sum, the offer was accepted and the contract exchanged instantly.

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We are here to help every step of the way.  If for any reason the current properties we are marketing are not suitable, let us know what you are seeking and we will contact you when an appropriate property sale becomes available.