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Our approach is one of best-in-class marketing, leading depth of marketing, unique online legal execution, and an international network.  No other commercial agency offers this tech-enabled proven approach.

We have built proprietary platforms which provide the best opportunity to engage the market; our execution platform then provides the best opportunity to move to a legally binding exchange and remove uncertainty.  This is then recorded in the immutable clicktopurchase blockchain ledger.

The information below will provide a helpful overview from which you will see that the security provided by our audit trails, secured in a blockchain ledger, provide the ultimate safety and transparency for a client selling property.  This is a unique service which is unavailable elsewhere, yet with a long and established track record.

You will see examples of recent sales concluded on behalf of receivers and administrators, instructed by banks, with Singer Vielle and Clicktopurchase favoured above other agencies.

Neil Singer

CEO, Founding Partner

Overseas-based investors are so important

Overseas-based investors are being attracted to UK Property given the weak Pound.  Our international reach is proven.

We have recently sold to investors in

A Total Solution

No other agency network has these proven features, delivering a total solution.

Our Unique Offer

A unique, superior, progressive, and proven tech-approach

Our International Network offers an unrivalled and enhanced marketing reach

A true international collaboration

How We Sell

A unique and market-leading approach to deliver the best in class promotion of properties, reach, online execution and audit trails.

World-first in many areas!

Digital Property Execution —
world-first with a proven
and extensive track record

A Faster more Accountable and Transparent Process of Selling Property





Legally purchase and sell property online with

A unique transactional platform where purchasers, owners and agents conclude the property sale process fully online.

The Online Methods of Sale

Properties are sold by the following methods of sale:


Private Treaty

A clicktopurchase® offer is a legally binding commitment by a purchaser which, if accepted, results in an instant online exchange of contracts.


Binding "Best Offers" / "EOI"

If selected, a sale can be concluded by an online binding “Best Offers” / “Expressions of Interest”.

We uniquely offer an immutable and totally transparent audit trail in relation to the process of buying and selling real estate

The Client Dashboard

Real Time Activity Reports

When we are selling your property, you will have access to real time activity reports so you can see exactly the interest generated from our marketing. Selling clients no longer need to ask for an update. This is available at a click so when selling you have exact knowledge of the market reaction to your property.

Analytics for your Property Marketing Website

Statistics on Emails

Distributed, Opened and Clicked

Schedule of Interest

Viewed in Real Time

See All Transactional Activity in the clicktopurchase® platform

Case Studies

250B North End Road, Fulham, London SW6 1NJ

In June 2021, Singer Vielle was instructed to sell this freehold property in Fulham on behalf of receivers, Quantuma.  Information on the tenancies was limited, as were the records of rent payments.

Nevertheless, a significant amount of interest was generated and it was decided to close the sale by an online legally binding clicktopurchase® “best offers”.

Six legal offers were submitted by the deadline of 14:00 on 24th June, no offers allowed late (hence full transparency), with the range between offers significant between £750,000 and £1,050,000.  The highest offer, which was £95,000 above the second offer, was accepted shortly after the deadline at 16:31 and a binding online exchange of contracts occurred immediately.  Hence, certainty of sale delivered despite a challenging asset.

The entire process was recorded in our immutable clicktopurchase blockchain  ledger.

Units 1-5 New Inn Centre, Taff Street, Pontypridd CF37 4UE

In October 2022, Singer Vielle UK were instructed to offer this retail investment on behalf of receivers Kroll.

The property had a number of issues, including being located within a flood zone.  A variety of parties nevertheless expressed an interest in the investment.

A leading party had indicated they would submit a legal online clicktopurchase offer at £1.05m.  In the meantime a second party expressed interest at £1m and indeed submitted a legal online offer at this level.  The party promising £1.05m then submitted a legal offer, not at the level promised but instead at £950,000. As a result, the £1m offer was immediately accepted and an online legal offer formed.

A demonstration of how our the tech platforms and approach removed the risk of going “under offer” and suffering a “chip” at the point a contract is expected to be formed.  Instead, speed, certainty, accountability and transparency.

Furthermore, the entire process is recorded in the clicktopurchase blockchain ledger – a unique and fully transparent audit trail.  

175 High Street, Perth PH1 5UN

In August 2022, Singer Vielle was instructed to sell this investment property in Perth on behalf of receivers, Kroll.  

The investment was a challenging asset with a high level of rent and a short period until the lease expiry.

The property was extensively marketing to the Singer Vielle registered database.  An investor in El Paso, Texas was identified and acquired the property.

A demonstration of the marketing reach we provide and the quality of presentations, enabling purchasers to have the confidence to acquire without physically inspecting.

Enterprise House, 32-34 Earl Grey Street, Edinburgh EH3 9BN

In May 2022, Singer Vielle UK were instructed to offer this retail investment on behalf of receivers Kroll.

The property had a number of issues, with the offices let but primarily vacant and the level of rent being high.

Extensive marketing was undertaken resulting in a range of interested parties emerging.  The property was sold to an investor in Northern Ireland for over £3.5m.  The investor was previously unknown to Singer Vielle, not a regular property investor but had registered on our marketing platform to receiver investment propositions.

An example of our ability to identify and attract occasional and obscure investors.

18-22 Victoria Street, Blackpool, Lancashire FY1 4RW

In Januray 2022, Singer Vielle was instructed to sell this freehold property in Blackpool of receivers, Kroll.  The property was occupied short-term by the local council, operating as a market, following the failure of the previous tenant, Top Shop.

Marketing commenced 6th January. An investor based in Switzerland expressed interest.  Without inspecting, this investor submitted an online legally binding clicktopurchase® offer above the asking price on 14th January at 15:47.  at 16:34 the offer was accepted and online legal contract formed immediately.

The entire process was recorded in our immutable clicktopurchase blockchain  ledger.

A demonstration of speed, reach, certainty and ease, whilst recording in a secure audit trail all action.

1 & 1A Richborne Terrace, London SW8 1AS

Singer Vielle UK were instructed to market an unusual freehold house in Vauxhall, London on behalf of Receivers, Quantuma. 


The property was in February 2023, a particularly quiet month for the property market as the sector responded to increasing interest rates.   Nevertheless, in recognition of the marketing reach achievable, over 24,000 marketing emails were opened by registered recipients.


Interested parties were located internationally as can be seen by this extract of just one marketing campaign. The property was subsequently sold.

Brock House and Telecom House, Prudhoe

In February 2022, Singer Vielle was instructed on behalf of administrators to sell an investment in Prudhoe, comprising an office investment along with a residential block of apartments.


In order to maximise flexibility and provide the widest audience to maximise the exit, the property was marketed as two opportunities.  Given the high level of interest generated, it was decided to close by a legally binding Clicktopurchase® “Best Offers”, seeking offers for the entire property of individually.

The decision was taken to sell as a whole, a Clicktopurchase® offer for the entire property was accepted online and the contract exchanged immediately.


A demonstration of the unique flexibility of approach available, selecting to close the sale by an online tender, and the certainty the Clicktopurchase® platform provides for both buyer and seller.

5 Hall Place, Spalding

Singer Vielle were instructed during 2022 to sell a small retail investment in Spalding on behalf of administrators, Kroll.


The property was let to a local opticians and ideal for the private investor sector.  The first marketing campaign produced 8,000 email views from an international audience, with the level of interest determining the best method to maximise the exit was announcing an online Clicktopurchase® “ Best Offers”.


The property was subsequently sold online to a private investor; an online legal offer to treat was accepted resulting in an instantaneous online legal exchange.  Another example of the certainty when selling, providing confidence to buyers as well as sellers. 


The entire process of sale is recorded in an electronic audit trail and our blockchain ledger for added security.

Unit 7, 157 Great Ancoats Street, Manchester

Singer Vielle was instructed in 2023 to market a commercial investment in Manchester on behalf of Administrators.

A highly complicated property with many issues which would usually result in great uncertainty when “agreeing terms” with a purchaser in a traditional manner.  However, Singer Vielle procured a number of online Clicktopurchase® legal offers to treat from various parties.  Whilst under consideration, a new purchaser appeared and submitted a Clicktopurchase® offer just one day after inspecting the property; the offer was significantly in excess of other interest and therefore accepted immediately, resulting in an instant online contract exchange.

A demonstration of how our unique platform ensures speed of process and “locking-in” a party legally to provide certainty.

Jackson’s Corner, 1-9 King’s Road, Reading

On behalf of Administrators, Singer Vielle were instructed in 2023 to marketing a complicated property in Reading town centre.

The property suffered from many issues, including failure to meet planning obligations, fire protection matters and vacancies.

The property was offered with Clicktopurchase® functionality in order to enable interested parties to submit legal offers to treat online and, thereby, provide the selling bank with speed and certainty during the sale process.  Extensive information was provided in the data room to ensure full disclosure.

Significant interest was generated.  It was decided just two weeks into marketing to conclude the sale by a Clicktopurchase® “Best Offers”. 

Sykes Capital, the successful purchaser, submitted their Clicktopurchase® by the deadline, the offer was accepted and a legally-binding, digitally-signed contract was auto-generated by the platform.

“In our experience clicktopurchase has been easy to navigate and seamless throughout. As seasoned investors, the unique process of submitting legally binding best bids by a deadline date suits our ‘no nonsense’ style of acquiring well and we would be very willing to use the platform going forward.” Charlie Sykes, Director of Sykes Capital

The enhanced level of information provided helped the buyer’s speedy review of the asset, whilst our proprietary technology enabled Sykes Capital to move to a fast legal contract exchange online and prove their intent.

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