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Australia, March 2023

Singer Vielle, a tech-focused London commercial property agency which runs an expanding international network, is partnering with BPG Australia to launch the network’s unique offer in Australia.

“We are delighted to be working with Jeff Braddock and his team at BPG Australia, as the company joins the tech-enabled Singer Vielle International Network. Jeff’s experience and track record at senior level makes BPG an excellent choice of network partner in Western Australia ” Neil Singer, CEO Singer Vielle and clicktopurchase®.”

—  Neil Singer, CEO Singer Vielle and clicktopurchase®

“Quote from Jeff”

—  Jeff Braddock, BPG Australia

Singer Vielle has been developing and using technology as part of the property transaction process for many years.  This led to the creation of the clicktopurchase® platform which uniquely enabled property transactions to be executed for the first time online, as long ago as 2010. 


In 2017 clicktopurchase® commenced using blockchain to be the world first in using the technology during the property sale process.

We never became distracted by all the hype when people started talking about blockchain.  Instead, we focused on its true worth and have delivered a sustained level of transparency, security and trust for many years.  We now bring this to the Australian market with BPG.” Neil Singer, CEO Singer Vielle and clicktopurchase®.”

—  Neil Singer, CEO Singer Vielle and clicktopurchase®

Singer Vielle’s marketing platform and collaborative international approach ensures a property is highly exposed to both local and distant purchasers.  An interested party is then able to clear verification and submit a legal offer to acquire the property, all this activity being recorded in an electronic audit trail which is further secured within the tamper-proof clicktopurchase® blockchain.

“About Jeff and BPG……………….BPG was established in 2003…..”

“Another quote from Jeff .”

—  Jeff Braddock, BPG Australia

The Real Estate Institute of Australia and the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand have been advocating that the property industry embraces blockchain, as reported in “Blockchain: Opportunities and Disruptions for Real Estate” in June 2022.

Since the pandemic, I have seen a marked change in attitude within the property industry to the importance of embracing new technology.  Jeff and BPG will now be able to provide an approach to clients and buyers which is unavailable elsewhere, leading the Western Australian with a proven model, as opposed to just an idea”. Neil Singer, CEO Singer Vielle and clicktopurchase®.”

—  Neil Singer, CEO Singer Vielle and clicktopurchase®

“Released on 29 June 2022, Project Blockchain shows real estate agents can position themselves at the centre of the trust economy and prepare for future challenges and prospects presented by the rapidly expanding blockchain space.”


“Blockchain is the future and is already making waves in the industry. It is essential that the real estate profession adapts and evolves with the changing technological environment to ensure the agent can cater to the changing needs of their clients.”

— Real Estate Institute of Western Australia

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What is Blockchain

Blockchain is a database. Significantly it is one which is immutable, tamper-proof. This is achieved by data inputs being “hashed” and moved into “Blocks” of data, with a subsequent Block incorporating new data inputs along with the inputs from the previous Block. As a result, each Block is dependent upon a previous Block, hence a “Block-Chain”.


Data is “hashed”, which means it is converted into a representation, a code, of a given length which will appear meaningless. However, the smallest change to any data input will change the output hash completely. Since each Block contains hashed data, changing any input within the chain will change every subsequent output which means tampering is impossible.


Blockchain ledgers are copied onto multiple servers, so the database is “decentralised”. Combining the “Chain of Blocks” with this decentralised system creates a method to hold data in a manner which is tamper-proof and 100% reliable.