May 5, 2022

Singer Vielle moves blockchain anchoring into mainstream property marketing – the ultimate in transparency and trust

In 2017, Singer Vielle, the tech-focused London niche agency, commenced using blockchain, delivered by the clicktopurchase platform, and became world-first in using the technology as part of the property transaction process.


Blockchain businesses have come and gone since, carried along initially by hype and false promises, yet Singer Vielle’s clicktopurchase Blockchain activity has successfully sustained and grown.


Over 50,000 transactions have now transparently been recorded in the blockchain, concerning over 500 properties.


The agency has announced that the Singer Vielle Network is now also recording marketing activity within blockchain; another world-first initiative.


People think NFT’s in property are new.  We’ve been creating and using them since 2017 as part of the online property legal execution process.  Now, we are adding marketing interactions to our blockchain to deliver an even higher level of trust and transparency for all involved in the process.”  Neil Singer, senior partner of Singer Vielle and CEO of clicktopurchase.


The Singer Vielle Network is live in the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa, with each regional partner now able to offer the latest release of clicktopurchase and blockchain to the local markets.


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