Daniel Elia wins commercial agent of the year

Daniel Elia, wins ‘Commercial Agent of the Year’ Award at the Young Norwood Property Awards Dinner at The Londoner Hotel for being the first agent to utilise Tik Tok to create marketing content for commercial properties, amassing hundreds of thousands of views.   This award is one of the most prestigious in the industry and […]

Blockchain in Property – ever wondered what’s it is all about?

If you tell people often enough that you are great, at some point they will start to believe you.   By Neil Singer, CEO, Singer Vielle. Australian British Chamber of Commerce   Similarly, I have been to various property conferences where a poor speaker on stage is bestowing the virtues of blockchain technology, no-one knows what he […]

Johnston Waddell launches a dedicated sales platform for Scotland

Johnston Waddell launches a dedicated sales platform for Scotland as The Singer Vielle International Network continues to grow   “We are delighted to announce the launch of JohnstonWaddell.co.uk, our network partner dedicated to delivering the best-in-class marketing platform in Scotland “ Neil Singer   As a highly tech-enabled property agency, with proprietary and unique platforms, agency partners […]

UK agency to bring blockchain transactions to Australian shores

By Kyle Robbins 02 September 2022 – Real Estate Business   Singer Vielle, a real estate brand based in London, has announced its arrival in Australia.   The tech-focused company has been developing and utilising technology as part of the property transaction process for many years, which culminated in the 2010 construction of the clicktopurchase platform […]

Singer Vielle moves blockchain anchoring into mainstream property marketing – the ultimate in transparency and trust

In 2017, Singer Vielle, the tech-focused London niche agency, commenced using blockchain, delivered by the clicktopurchase platform, and became world-first in using the technology as part of the property transaction process.   Blockchain businesses have come and gone since, carried along initially by hype and false promises, yet Singer Vielle’s clicktopurchase Blockchain activity has successfully […]