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Completion Conditionality Feature

We provide a feature which may provide a Buyer with the option to submit an unconditional clicktopurchase® offer, or one with completion conditional upon finance being available, or conditional upon due diligence. The Seller decides if they wish to provide clicktopurchase® Buyers with the ability to make a conditional offer since this feature can be turned on or off by you in the administration area.

Figure: The conditionality options on the publishing of a property

Figure: A property showing various Conditions of Sale are allowed in an offer

This conditionality feature allows a Bidder to submit an offer quickly. If the Buyer believes funds will be obtained to complete the purchase, by obtaining a loan or raising money elsewhere, perhaps by way of selling another property, why should the Seller agree and exclusivity with all the risk which this entails? Let the Buyer show true commitment.

Similarly, if a Seller is faced with an unconditional offer at say R1m and an offer with completion conditional upon finance at R1.1m, the Seller can make their choice. The ability to submit an offer with completion subject to due diligence is similarly designed to create a higher level of certainty and speed for both Buyer and Seller.

Completion Date Feature
clicktopurchase® provides a feature to allow flexibility on completion date when submitting a clicktopurchase® offer.

If the Seller wishes to allow the feature to be made available, a Buyer can submit an offer with a completion date which may vary from the preferred date proposed by the Seller. If the Seller is prepared to accept the offer with the Buyer’s proposed completion date, this forms a term of the legal contract.

If this feature is not made available, any offer will be on the basis of the completion date or period required by the Seller.

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