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Sales Channels

The clicktopurchase® platform provides for online execution by a variety of sales channels.

  • clicktopurchase® (private treaty)

  • clicktopurchase® private tender

clicktopurchase® (private treaty)
clicktopurchase® provides a Buyer with the ability to submit a binding offer which, if accepted by the agent on behalf of the Seller, will result in the formation of a contract and an electronic audit trail.

Should it be decided to progress with a sale by clicktopurchase® (private treaty), the agent and Seller may decide to offer you a short exclusivity period. Should you fail to exchange within the exclusivity period, you can still submit a clicktopurchase® offer later but you will no longer have exclusivity.

Contract amendments, if required, will be fast and easy by either amendments to the General Conditions of Sale and Particulars of Sale, or by way of an Addendum.

Typically, clicktopurchase® sales do not require any contract amendments.

A legal package is provided for each property. Here you will enable to review the base legal suite and the documents specific to the property in question. The default suite comprises:

The agent is responsible for collating the specific documents for the property, including the Particulars of Sale. clicktopurchase® is not responsible for the completion of the legal suite.

clicktopurchase® “private tender”
Should the agent wish to close a sale by setting a “private tender” deadline, you will need to submit your clicktopurchase® offer by the published time and date. Offers will not be capable of submission beyond the deadline.

Traditional exchange
Should it be agreed to sell by “traditional” (private treaty), the parties are able to use the contract suite for fast physical signature of the Agreement of Sale.

Contract amendments, if required, can be fast and easy by either amendments to the General Conditions of Sale, or by way of an Addendum.

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