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The clicktopurchase® offer process

This is how a Bidder makes a clicktopurchase® offer:

Figure: the make an offer form

Accepting a clicktopurchase® offer
When a Bidder submits a clicktopurchase® offer on behalf of a Buyer (who may be the Bidder), your agent will receive email confirmation as well as being able to view the draft Agreement of Sale in the administration area. We provide an easy method for your agent to forward to you this draft Agreement of Sale, which includes the Bidder’s digitally encrypted signature.

If you instruct your agent to accept the offer, the following actions occur:

  • The Selling Agent physically signs the Agreement of Sale which has been generated when the Bidder submits their offer. A legal contract has been formed. This is uploaded by the Agent to the platform.

  • The Selling Agent then accepts the offer through clicktopurchase®. This generates an electronic form of the Agreement of Sale with digital signatures attached on behalf of both the Buyer and the Seller.

  • All parties receive confirmation and an electronic copy of the digitally signed Agreement of Sale and the physically signed version.

  • The property is marked as “Sold”

Figure: Email showing an accepted offer

Figure: Agreement of Sale

Rejecting a clicktopurchase® offer
A clicktopurchase® offer will expire if the Bid Expiry deadline passes. In addition, you and your agent may choose to reject a live clicktopurchase® offer.

Figure: Email showing a rejected offer

Selling by clicktopurchase® Private Tender
If you and your agent have selected to close a sale by a clicktopurchase® Private Tender, your agent will select this sales channel and Bidders will clearly see this displayed

Figure: Showing a property that has a clicktopurchase® “private tender” sales channel

A clicktopurchase® Private Tender offer must be submitted by the deadline at which point the platform will not allow further offers.

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