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Providing a short exclusivity to a purchaser

During your marketing of a property, you are free to close by whichever method you feel appropriate. You may decide to allow purchasers to step forward with clicktopurchase® offers when they are ready, or perhaps you will provide a short exclusivity to a particular purchaser. However, no longer do you need worry about going "under offer" with all the associated uncertainty. Below is an example of how you may choose to confirm an exclusive position to a proposed purchaser.

Dear Purchaser

Further to our discussions, our client has confirmed that they will treat with you at a figure of £xxx, (xxx), subject to contract, on the basis that you will proceed by making an online offer to treat through clicktopurchase® by close of business on xxx.

To clarify, your client’s solicitor can access the legal package in the Data Room on the clicktopurchase® side bar.

The full legal pack plus the sale contract suite is online including the Special Conditions of Sale. This is the contract suite which is to be used for the transaction.

The following link will provide a buyer’s guide to using clicktopurchase® – Click Here.

Please note the vendor’s solicitor is on hand to assist if your client’s solicitor has any additional enquiries.

Yours sincerely

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