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A start to finish guide for a Conveyancer

Whether you are acting for a Seller or a Buyer, clicktopurchase® makes your job easy.

When your client is wishing to offer a property for sale using clicktopurchase®, your client’s agent and the Seller is able to react to the market and use the platform to close a sale by exchanging contracts through clicktopurchase® (private treaty) or clicktopurchase® "private tender".

The contract of sale and legal package
Completion of the legal package will enable your client and their agent to exchange with verified Bidders should an acceptable clicktopurchase® offer be submitted, as well as run live auctions or binding clicktopurchase® “private tenders”.

The agent is able to provide administration access for a Seller’s conveyancer to execute. Contact the agent should you require such access.

Figure: Showing the Legal Documents for a property

Contract Suite
As a Seller’s conveyancer, we recommend that you liaise with the Selling agent in order to ensure that a complete legal package is made available for potential Buyers.

We provide default documents which form the base contract suite:

In order to complete the contract suite, we recommend that you liaise with the Seller’s agent in completing the The Particulars of Sale which need to be added to the legal data room.

For ease, we also provide in the default documents area, the following:

clicktopurchase® is not responsible for the completion of the legal suite.

Legal Package
When you provide the documentation, we recommend that you supply as “PDFs” numbered and labelled in accordance with your Document Index.

The faster a complete legal package can be collated, the faster a property can be offered with clicktopurchase®.

We provide an ability for the Seller’s conveyancer to upload the legal documentation directly. Should you wish to have this ability, the Selling agent can provide access by sending you an appropriate confidential link generated by the platform.

clicktopurchase® is not responsible for completion of the legal package. We recommend that you, as the Seller’s conveyancer, confirm to the selling agent and Seller that you are happy with the legal package before clicktopurchase® is activated for a property.

We recommend that you advise the selling agent of any legal issues which could be of relevance during the sale of the property.

Client Account Information
You will need to supply the selling agent with your client account information for entry into the clicktopurchase® system. This information is automatically sent to a successful Buyer UK solicitor but is not made public:

  • Account name: XXXX

  • Bank name and address: XXXX

  • Account number: XXXX

  • Sort code: XXXX

Formation of a contract of sale
If a clicktopurchase® offer is accepted by the agent on behalf of the Seller, the following actions occur:

  • The Selling Agent physically signs the Agreement of Sale which has been generated when the Bidder submits their offer. A legal contract has been formed. This is uploaded by the Agent to the platform.

  • The Selling Agent then accepts the offer through clicktopurchase®. This generates an electronic form of the Agreement of Sale with digital signatures attached on behalf of both the Buyer and the Seller.

  • All parties receive confirmation and an electronic copy of the digitally signed Agreement of Sale and the physically signed version.

  • The property is marked as “Sold”

  • The Buyer is advised by email where to send the contract deposit.

Figure: Email showing an accepted offer

Figure: Agreement of Sale

Contract Amendments
Contract amendments, if required and agreed, can be fast and easy by either amendments to the General Conditions of Sale, or by way of an Addendum. Typically, clicktopurchase® sales do not require any contract amendments.

If you are advising a prospective Buyer, you will be able to view and download the legal package relating to the property in question. You will be able to contact the Seller’s conveyancer and agent if you have any queries.

If your client’s clicktopurchase® offer is accepted by the agent on behalf of the Seller, a contract is formed.

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